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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy your products?
You can purchase A + B̉ Epoxy Putty and Pastes directly from our distributors, our dealers and us. Check out our Where To Buy page.
How do I mix your epoxies and pastes?
Our A + B̉ Epoxy Putties and Pastes are specially designed with an easy 1:1 “cut-what-you-need mix ratio”. Just cut off equal lengths of Part A and Part B putty. For our paste, just squeeze out an equal length of Part A and B. Wearing rubber gloves, mix Parts A and B with your hands until they are uniform in color.  See our How to Use page for further information.

Can I carve or machine your epoxy putty?
Our putty can be sanded, drilled, tapped, screwed, stained, painted, sawed and carved.

How can I smooth out the surface of my repair?
After mixing and applying to the surface to be repaired, using a putty knife or rubber gloves that have been dipped in water, rub on the surface and you will form a very smooth surface. Make sure you clean your mixing and shaping tools as A + B̉ Epoxy Putties and Pastes will cure on metals and plastics.
Will your products cure underwater?
Yes, just make sure you have properly mixed equal amounts of the Part A and B to a uniform color. Once mixed, it can be used underwater to seal a crack or repair plumbing. You do not have to drain your pool or spa. You can also repair cracks in your boat in fresh or salt water.

What will your products glue together?
Our putty and paste products will bond most anything to everything. When used as an adhesive, they will bond, for example, wood, concrete, stone, plastics, tile, and all types of fiberglass and almost all types of metals. Whenever possible, rough up or lightly sand the surfaces to improve adhesion.

Can I use your products to seal leaks?
Our paste and putty products will seal plumbing leaks, tanks, basement cracks, gas line leaks, oil leaks, and water leaks on porcelain and ceramic fixtures and many other items. For best results, surfaces should be cleaned and be free of rust, dirt, and oil. Rubbing alcohol can be used to remove most contaminants.

What color products do you have available?
Our products come in 9900 – Tan; 9901 – Tan; 9904 – White; 9906 – Gray; and 9915 – White.

What is the highest temperature that I can use you products?
The maximum use operating temperature is 250oF (121oC).

When should I use your A + B̉ epoxy paste, 9915?
It is recommended for those thin film applications for repairing, bonding, sealing, filling and many other applications where a thinner material is required. For larger gaps, crack, and areas to be filled, sealed or repaired use our A + B̉epoxy putty.

What should I use if I have to repair a water leak quickly?
Use our 9901 Fast Set Putty – it will harden in 10 minutes at about 75oF/24oC. For those thinner cracks – use our 9915 Fast Set Paste – it will set in 5 – 10 minutes at 75oF/24oC.

Will your products shrink when they cure?
A + B̉ Epoxy Putties and Pastes are specially formulated to not shrink. They can also be applied to vertical surfaces as they won’t sag, run, or drip.

What happens when your putty is cold?
You should mix and use A + B̉ Epoxy Putties and Pastes at temperatures above 75oF/24oC. They will mix and spread out much easier at 80oF rather at 50oF. If they get too cold the hardening time will increase and it will be more difficult to mix the Part A and B together. Blowing warm air on the surface will also help speed up the hardening time.

How can I become a distributor or reseller?
Rezolin welcomes wholesale, distributor and reseller accounts. To obtain further information, contact us by email, fax or our toll free number (866) 304-7572.

I have other questions. How can I get answers?
You can contact us by phone, fax or email.  See our Contact page.


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